We will be the only other RTO providing this feature to students that studying in Australia  – providing our students an enhanced experience that enables them to participate in a live classroom session without being physically present in a classroom. Research has found that our target market does need extra help with their studies and find this unique offering to be of a great advantage, especially as they are able to participate in a live classroom session without having to leave their office or home, given majority have work or family commitments that would prevent them from physically attending classes at our office.

GoToTraining is a web conferencing product designed to help you host online training sessions for customers, employees and more. GoToTraining leverages the same easy to use interface of the popular GoToMeeting product but adds in features for reusable content, evaluations, tests, and other materials to help you conduct online training sessions for on-site and remote employees and/or to promote classes to reach customers around the globe.

Study Business or leadership courses

To find out more information about our business course visit Online Business Diploma. This accredited qualification – the Diploma of Business BSB50215  covers the following subjects

  • Manage meeting
  • Plan and manage conference
  • Plan and implement administrative systems 
  • Manage business document design and development
  • Coordinate advertising research 
  • Develop a media plan
  • Create mass print media advertisements
  • Create mass electronic media advertisements 
  • Develop and maintain business continuity plans 
  • Develop and implement an e-business strategy 

Another study option is the leadership and management diploma. You can enrol in a diploma of leadership and management by going to this website and looking what the course has to offer.

The subjects covered by  the diploma of leadership and management  include:

  • Manage meetings
  • Develop processes for the management of breaches in compliance requirements
  • Manage quality customer service
  • Manage budgets and financial plans
  • Manage a franchise operation
  • Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  • Manage expatriate staff
  • Develop and manage performance management processes
  • Manage workforce planning
  • Manage an information or knowledge management system
  • Establish systems that support innovation
  • Build and sustain an innovative work environment
  • Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business
  • Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • Communicate with influence
  • Implement diversity in the workplace
  • Develop a workplace learning environment
  • Manage people performance
  • Facilitate continuous improvement
  • Manage operational plan
  • Develop organisation policy
  • Incorporate digital solutions into plans and practices
  • Plan and manage the flexible workforce
  • Plan, implement and review a quality assurance program
  • Interpret market trends and developments
  • Forecast international market and business needs
  • Undertake project work
  • Build international business networks
  • Manage risk
  • Develop a sales plan
  • Lead and manage a sales team
  • Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
  • Ensure a safe workplace
  • Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • Delegate tasks within a team
  • Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • Manage employee relations
  • managers guide to performance

About Citrix

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Citrix has become a leading provider of cloud applications for web conferencing, collaboration, remote desktop access and cloud computing. The company’s other software offerings include GoToMeeting, XenMobile, GoToWebinar and more.



Benefits & Features

 student Benefits Australia





Before the Webinar

  • Customizable registration
  • Ability to charge attendees
  • Catalogs of upcoming training sessions
  • Configurable Class size
  • Self-service registration
  • Flexible payment options for fee-based classes
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Instant invitations
  • Audience view
  • Multi platform support


During the Webinar

  • Audio conferencing via computer and phone
  • Desktop sharing
  • Specific application sharing
  • Chat
  • Polls
  • Tests
  • Recording
  • Change presenters
  • Transfer keyboard and mouse control
  • Annotation tools


After the Webinar

  • Pre-session tests
  • Content library
  • Reusable tests, materials, polls, and evaluations
  • Access to training materials
  • Post-Session tests
  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Video hosting of your recorded training
  • Access to training materials
  • Evaluations
  • Reports


3.13     Lynda.com


Lynda.com is the preferred online library for higher education around the world. Over 40% of US and over 60% of Australian universities are using lynda.com to support areas such as:


  • Supplement curricula: Support the flipped classroom model, Common Core, and STEM. Promote college or workforce readiness.
  • Replace or supplement textbooks: Deliver knowledge from industry experts using a resource that is cost-effective and updated more often.
  • Track success: Run reports to measure adoption, achievement, and time spent on the service. Track completed courses.
  • Promote Employee Growth: Bridge the digital divide and help workers learn new technologies. We have training for everyone.
  • Reach multiple teams: Extend training to a wide range of users in any administrative or academic department.
  • Provides Certificates: All users receive certificates of completion upon finishing a course.


Lynda.com support and inspire students, faculty, and staff at any skill level with cost-effective video instruction. It supports individualised just in time training. lyndaCampus comes with administrator tools for running reports, tracking usage and managing learning seats.


Examples of detailed reporting:

  • Summarises usage details for individuals and your entire organisation
  • Shows how often users access lynda.com
  • Lists which courses users view and complete
  • Provides stats for each user’s operating system, browser, media player and IP address Identifies which courses get the most views
  • Shows progress on defined playlists to support company goals
  • Can be scheduled to send out report on regular basis


Lynda.com Professional Services team will help out with implementing the lyndaCampus solution to make it easier for the user to access training and to administer. Implementation covers:

  • Authentication methods that grant users access to the lynda.com website, mobile site, iOS app, and Android app.
  • Learning management system (LMS) integration that allows users to access lynda.com course content through your LMS.


lyndaCampus provides academic institutions with unlimited, cost-effective, organisation-wide access to the vast lynda.com library of instructional videos. Inspire students, faculty and staff to learn the latest software, creative and business skills at their own pace.


Give users of any skill level the ability to watch bite-size tutorials for immediate problem solving or take comprehensive courses from start to finish—at school, at home or on the go. Promote digital literacy across all academic and administrative departments. Provide a virtual help desk, offer mobile device training and help boost team or student performance. Simplify employee onboarding, ease IT migrations, provide an added HR benefit and close skill gaps.


For students

  • Explore hundreds of topics in multimedia, design, web development and social media
  • Perform independent study
  • Expand a resume and prepare for the workforce
  • Build presentation, time management and research skills
  • Get immediate answers to technology questions




For faculty

  • Integrate technology into the classroom
  • Supplement curricula and textbooks
  • Map content to syllabi
  • Embrace the flipped classroom model
  • Pursue professional development


For staff

  • Keep pace with technology
  • Support the daily workflow
  • Reduce help desk calls
  • Explore custom learning paths
  • Get immediate, just-in-time answers to questions



  • Shareable course playlists to support individualised learning
  • Mobile device access
  • Searchable course transcripts for quick answers
  • Integration options, including single sign-on
  • Bookmarks for favorite sections and easy reference
  • Downloadable exercise files that reinforce retention
  • Certificates of completion
  • New courses added every week at no additional cost
  • Detailed reporting at the user, group and course levels
  • Privacy and security—TRUSTe compliant