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National Goals for Schooling Working Group

Terms of reference

At their April 2008 meeting, Ministers established the National Goals Working Group to develop a new National Declaration on Goals for Schooling.

Ministers asked that:

  • the Declaration build on The Future of Schooling in Australia (FOSA) report
  • extensive national and jurisdictional level consultation sessions  occur with key education stakeholders
  • the Declaration include an action plan to achieve the National Declaration on Goals for Schooling.

Timeframe and reporting arrangements

The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians was released on 5 December 2008.

The action plan, known as the Four Year Plan 2009–2012 was endorsed by Ministers in March 2009. 


Membership comprises one representative of each State and Territory, the Australian Government, the National Catholic Education Commission, the Independent Schools Council of Australia.


Mr Jeff Rosewarne
Acting Secretary
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Victoria)

Contact details

Write to: Ms Lesley Foster
Address: PO Box 202
Carlton South, VIC, 3053
Phone: 03 9639 0588
Fax: 03 9639 1790
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