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You have determined that you will need to access budget information from the Senior Accountant (your assessor) to explain to your team. You will explain the overall financial objective of the business, provide an overview of the budget and explain how the budget translates to expense allocations for the team.  You are to request for the budget from the Senior Accountant (your Assessor) and prepare to meet with your team member (your Assessor) to communicate the budget to them. Below is a sample assessment for an online business diploma. Check out our Diploma of Business Course Calculator. or check out out Leadership version

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Before we go into the task itself, a common question we always get is what is the cost of a diploma of business online.  Whether you are studying in Victoria, New South Wales or Western Australia the price of the Business Diploma is the same the information is available directly with other. to get a full price list of online courses visit courses are accredited and 100% online unless advised otherwise.  If you are interested in studying Diploma Business online click here or if you prefer to could study diploma of leadership and mangement online. If prefer to study an accredited certificate IV in Business administration then you can choose to study this course and learn how to complete Business administrative tasks.   Training delivery and strategies  Training includes elements of instruction and coaching. The trainee must be allowed to practice the skills learned under supervision and feedback to be provided accordingly. Any coaching done must be with an objective that is in line with the vision of the Big Red Bicycle and should always be helpful and motivational.  The training must be conducted:   

The purpose of the  Diploma of Business online Melbourne

The purpose of this training plan is to provide information about the training of the tracking of expenses and petty cash throughout the financial year and to ensure Big Red Bicycle needs are met and the duties are performed in accordance with Big Red Bicycle’s policies and procedures.   The training will cover:   
Contingency Plan  Company name: Big Red Bicycle Pty Ltd  Plan Developer: Nurlina Position: Manager of Sales Centre A, Adelaide   
Risk identified: Sales volume falling 20% below target – poor sales due to economic downturn and increase in expenses such as wage expenses 
Strategies/activities to minimise the risk  By when  By whom 
Manufacturing overseas to take advantage of reduced costs – with the higher Australian dollar, it is wise to investigate offshore manufacturing options. The options cannot be one that starts for scratch. We need to be able to source a manufacturing partner who is already set up for our operations and can add value to our range, not one that we’d have to train and set up from scratch.    Q2  Michelle Yeo (CEO), Tom Copeland (Managing Director) and Charles Pierce (Production Manager) 
Diversifying its product range to reduce exposure to poor sales of one product – depending on what our target market is interested it, it is always wise to expand our product range to keep abreast of the changing landscape, but also to reduce our reliant on a small product pool.    Q2  Michelle Yeo (CEO), Sam Gellar (Sales General Manager) and Charles Pierce (Production Manager) 
Restructuring commission structure to have higher targets – changing the commission structure at the start of a financial year will set the tone for the employees and the expectations for this year. Employees will understand the new commission structure and enables them to adjust accordingly.    Q1  Holly Burke (HR Manager), John Black (Chief Financial Officer) and Stuart LaRoux (Operations General Manager) 
Increasing marketing activities to bring in more sales – through mediums and ways our target market relates to. A thorough analysis will need to be conducted and a plan put into place to effectively utilise our marketing activities.    Q1  Michelle Yeo (CEO), Tom Copeland (Managing Director), Sam Gellar (Sales General Manager) and Pat Roberts (Senior Accountant)