As we are fast approaching the new year, many are starting to evaluate their plans and goals for 2018 – where they would like to take their career next year, what they would like to be earning, and what they would like to achieve in 2018. To find out more information about bookkeeping or accounting course online visit the website here or you if a diploma of accounting is more your account course of choice click here

With the recruitment and business environments becoming more competitive, many are planning well before the new year to ensure they are prepared.   Please have a look at this article for habits an accountant should never forget 

Top 3 reasons to do an accounting course 

  1. You could work in any industry, anywhere around the world – accounting professions are needed across all industries. Every single business needs the services of an accountant, almost every business needs the services of a payroll officer or bookkeeper. Whether that business is a manufacturer, or that business is a media company; they both need people with the right skills and qualifications.  

The knowledge someone with an accounting qualification is able to bring to the business and the skills they have learned is highly regarded. Many businesses around the world need their numbers people to be truly exceptional and many businesses remunerate them well for this. 

Those with accounting qualifications influence a business well beyond ledgers, balance sheets, and numbers. They are able to influence the decision and direction a business takes – whether it be in acquisitions, new campaigns or even new recruits. 

  1. You have the choice to work for yourself or for someone – if you have the right resources, mentality, experience and qualifications; you may choose to run your own business and have the freedom of flexibility. If you choose to run your own business, you may choose to specialize in a particular industry, or even a particular service – such as only completing Business Activity Statements (BAS). You may also choose to service clients across various industries and provide them with a full packaged service – so from business start up to business wind up. 

Alternatively, you may also choose to work for someone as you enjoy the stability an employer may be able to provide. When working for someone, you can showcase your talents and abilities and advance your way through to the top of the company. There are many Directors in Australia (and internationally) who have climbed their way up the organisation’s ladder with the accounting qualifications they hold. 

Australian qualifications are highly regarded around the world. Some Cert IV graduates have gone on to complete a Diploma, and then a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have worked all over the globe, exploring the sights and wonders the world has to offer.   

  1. Takes you to places – with an accounting qualification, you don’t necessarily need to end up working as a traditional accountant, payroll officer or bookkeeper. Studying an accounting course opens the doors to a whole range of allied careers including finance managers, business analysts, business managers, and tax specialists. In November 2015, it is estimated that around 188,000 people working in accounting and accounting-related jobs and a 5-year projection by the Australian Government estimated that there would be over 50,000 new job openings in accounting and accounting-related jobs! You could even go on to study a more specialist degree and increase your earning potential! 

With accounting and accounting related professions, when hard times hit, companies tend to cut costs and lay off employees in marketing, sales and other departments. Accounting staff don’t usually get laid off unless the qualifications are not there and the company really needs to trim its expenses.  Please visit this website for reasons to use a bookkeeper