Students Find Mentors and Education in Australia.

We are dedicated to helping students that are studying at our Melbourne campus or who have chosen to study online using one of our online courses in Australia to find mentors in their desired field.  We currently don’t have mentors in every area of study so make sure you so stay tuned to this website to get up-to-date information.

Studying online can feel very lonely and at times it is difficult to get motivated or see the light at the end of the tunnel. This program is designed to help you get the answer and guidance you are looking for to help you graduate and be successful in finding the career you have always wanted.  Below are the states and cities in Australia  – find your state and see if there is an Australian mentor for you.

Study bookkeeping in Melbourne, Victoria

Studying in Melbourne is one of the most desired locations in the world. If you are lucky enough to call Melbourne home and are interested in a bookkeeping course online you can visit this site and you are looking for an education mentor. If you are not ready to commit to a full 12-month course you can look at something more specialized such as the BAS agent registration course. You can complete the certificate within 3 months and start working as a BAS agent assuming you meet all the other requirements. Please click on the following link to find out more information about Studying in Victoria and available mentors.

Studying in Perth. Western Australia

If you currently study in Perth or anywhere in Western Australia, we currently have mentors that specialize in Accounting and Bookkeeping, please contact us to find out more information. Since Dolph does not have a campus in Western Australia this is online for our Cloud Campus students also known as Online Students.

Study in business in Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney has transformed itself over the years and now is an amazing place to live and study. If you are a student that lives in Sydney, New South Wales and you are looking for an education mentor for someone that is studying for an online business diploma at the following link please note at the moment we only have mentors for students that are studying in Perth and Melbourne. If you are looking for a more tailored leadership diploma but you have noticed the diploma of leadership and management online is no longer available, it’s because it is now just known as the diploma of business (leadership). You can have a look at this Business app to help you calculate the costs. The leadership course covers such topics as Developing critical thinking in employees, Managing budgets and financial plans within an organisation, Managing people’s performance, and how to manage business risk

Study in Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane is a popular destination for many students – it has beautiful sunny weather all year round. If you are a student that lives in Brisbane, Queensland and you are looking for an education mentor, Please note this is only available for Australian Students based in Queensland only at this time. We hope in the future we are able to offer this to more students. View the Bookkeeping app here.

RTO consulting & Resources for Registered Training Organisations

A professional RTO consultant assists RTOs with a range of different services, everything from RTO  registration, RTO compliance, RTO Training and Learning Materials, rectifications, validation, and other RTO services. Examples of resources can be found here this includes cpc50220 learning resources or cpc50220 training materials. If you are starting an RTO or you are an RTO manager and your goal is to improve your Registered Training Organisations compliance obligations and ensure the RTO is compliant with the Standards provided by ASQA,  RTO consulting can assist you to understand your obligations under the revised Standards for RTOs 2015.  

Other RTO services include CRICOS registration and Re-registration, RTO compliance audits, and ensuring your policy and procedure documentation is compliant with the standards. You can also have a look at the template and resources available for RTOs, which are available to purchase and download via, or if you are in Victoria you can find an RTO consultant in Melbourne to help you source all the documents and resources your need.  

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