Ask for Assessment Tool Mapping Documents

During the audit, the last thing you would like to do is rummage over your Assessment Tool, attempting to identify how the unit requirements have indeed been fulfilled. It would be best to be certain that your new Assessment Tools include a detailed and simple mapping example that can be found at

Getting training resources for your RTO from us will not only mean that you’ll get a mapping document. We’ll also chart all of our assessment instruments at the activity level in the Examiner Guidebook so that you can easily and quickly prove to an inspector or coworker how an evaluation task corresponds. Read details here about how we make things so simple that you don’t even require resorting to a map matrix. This is one of the important points you need to do before you purchase resources.

Examine the Educational Resources and Support Training Qualifications

It is a piece of extremely important advice to remember and follow. When acquiring RTO training resources, you should choose ones that will demonstrate that you have fulfilled the specified training necessary demands for the performance certification.

In Australia, for example, every Certificate III program will need at least 120 hours of practical industry experience. As a result, ASQA will want to know if your RTO has appropriate educational and evaluation tools to provide coursework and certification.

The training tools you employ are also important in terms of whether or not you will demonstrate this during an audit. Another tip that you could find useful is to observe whether the materials have double space among lines and many photos to fill the gap.

These resources are typically lacking in content or substance. You will also note that using this layout doubles the pages. Many publications utilize this approach to generate the appearance that their material is more extensive than it is.

Assess the Suitability of the Evaluation Tool

In most situations, ‘off the market’ evaluation technologies use non-adhering assessment processes to determine learners’ competency. Suppose the assessment assignment asks a learner, “How will you do something?” or anything similar. In that case, you must be extremely cautious, especially if there is linkage to performance criteria (PCs) or performance evidence (PEs).

You can only demonstrate proficiency in performance criteria by completing the task. Evidence of proficiency in doing the task must be in the manner of an observation that precisely identifies the specific level of performance for every actual skill. Many monitoring checklists are just copied duplicates of the unit’s PEs and PCs. It may cause issues during audits and lead to a lack of compliance.

Analyze the Teaching Material

Choose learning material designers and distributors who collaborate with experienced professionals and industry specialists to guarantee that course materials are relevant and updated when purchasing training resources for RTOs.

Before purchasing RTO training materials, make sure they include the following:

  • Learner’s Assessment Workbooks have a comprehensive set of assessment assignments intended to measure your student’s level of understanding.
  • Trainer or Assessor Evaluation resources should contain Standard Responses and solutions, Unit Sequencing, and Assessor Guidelines for your instructors or assessors.
  • Mapping Document that allows you to easily point each activity to the unit of competency or training criteria.
  • Learner Manuals are an all-inclusive resource of relevant data and learning resources for your pupils. Also, expect the inclusion of Learning Activities for formative evaluation.
  • Self-Study Aids will help to learn by allowing your pupils to build a more personalized education system.
  • PowerPoint presentations that use graphics, subject headings, and essential content annotations to communicate critical learning points.


Remember that not all materials are created alike, and we always suggest that you remember and follow the strategies outlined above regardless of where you acquire your RTO learning resources. Make sure that you will not end up losing your money and have to start again due to inadequate resources. You can contact us to learn more about our services and to discover how we can help your RTO succeed.