What are VET resources?

RTO resources are the document tools an RTO uses to support their management and operational processes and goals, including the delivery of their nationally recognised training and assessment programs. RTOs rely on a compliant set of document frameworks to ensure that they are correctly and appropriately following the Standards for RTOs 2015 and the National Code 2018 (if applicable).

Who needs VET resources?

RTO resources are not just used by operational staff of a Registered Training Organisation. Trainers and Assessors, as well as students, utilize RTO resources. This is another good resource to help you with finding a right educational information

Where can I buy RTO resources?

You can get learning materials from here, the leading training and material provider. RTO Advantage offers Resources such as:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning Kit ā€“ RPL Kit – Example of the documents can be found here – View here
  • RTO + CRICOS Policies & Procedures and Documents Pack
  • RTO Policies & Procedures and Documents Pack
  • Training and Assessment Strategy Template ā€“ BSB50120 Diploma of Business
  • Training and Assessment Strategy Template – CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction- Go Now
  • RTO Management and Operations Forms and Templates
  • Trainer and Assessor and RTO Support Staff Documents Pack

Another good place to get information about training material is here. If you are looking for general information on the RTO industry visit https://www.asqa.gov.au/standards/faqs. You can also find out more information on finding a new career in the VET sector by visiting the following link