Criteria to get an accounting, bookkeeping or compliance mentor

Dolph Business School students that are studying accounting or bookkeeping courses, you are located in Australia and you are between the ages of 18 and 28, you may qualify for mentorship opportunities. If you are a Dolph Business School student and you don’t meet these criteria but you are interested in this program, please contact our administration team and we will see what other options we can help you with.

How can a mentor help me with my accounting, bookkeeping, or RTO Consultant career?

Anytime you are provided with any advice or guidance, you should grab these opportunities with both hands.  When you are lucky enough to have that opportunity from someone that has gone through the journey, the benefits are endless.

If you are studying online accounting or bookkeeping in Australia more info here, you love working with balance sheets, tax returns, and other accounting/bookkeeping duties. You probably also know that there are normally a variety of different career paths you can take once you graduate from your course.  You, can either open up your own accounting or bookkeeping firm or you are looking to work at an accounting firm. If you are studying a diploma of accounting visit this website for more information.

When you are studying, you might already have an idea of which path you want to choose based on your own perception of what you think each one will be like or maybe something you have researched online. But for the most part, you are guessing because you are not actually dealing with someone that has gone through the process. This is where accounting and bookkeeping mentorships are handy. If you want to know more about what bookkeepers do on a daily basis check out this article or find the top 5 habits of a bookkeeper by clicking looking at this article.

You get the opportunity to ask questions of someone that has either had their own bookkeeping or accounting business, or someone that has worked with either big accounting businesses or small accounting or bookkeeping businesses.

Why do I need a mentor when everything is available online?

This is true to a certain extent. You can learn all about bookkeeping by watching something like the video below. Videos are great for teaching you the fundamentals of bookkeeping or accounting, but when it comes to questions about what life is like once you graduate or discussing which part of the course or training material you should focus on, mentors are a wealth of inspiration and guidance – they can help you in the way no course can.

Some would argue that you can just post a question below and find wait for them to answer but the problem with this method is how do you know the person that is answering the questions knows anything about running an accounting business or work with a bookkeeping or accounting firm. The truth is you don’t.  Anyone can create these videos and be a self-proclaimed expert in any field.

The mentors that work with us are vetted by strict criteria to ensure they are going to be beneficial to our students.  We also have accounting internships for students who are interested – for a fee. Please contact us to find out more information,  also please download our free app which shows what your diploma of accounting course fees will be per month or look at the bookkeeping course cost version.

Compliance and Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and compliance have a robust connection with each other. There is an opportunity to work with Registered Training Organizations, also known as an RTO to give RTO advice to educational institutions that are not sure how to meet compliance needs and need RTO help.  RTOs need help with preparing and validating resources. This is when you as an RTO advisor would be able to give compliance advice and ensure the RTO is in compliance with the legislative requirement which can be found on the following Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) website

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to be an RTO agent and work with other RTO compliance consultants and help those that are either looking to start a new RTO (RTO setup) or purchase an existing RTO or ensure their current resources within the Vocations Education Training (VET) sector are in compliance with the ASQA standard then contact the team and RTO Advantage.